How To Lace Your Shoes With Swag? DIFFERENT WAYS To Rock With The Laces

How To Lace Your Shoes With Swag

How to lace your shoes with swag? If you get bored with your shoes and can’t afford to buy new ones, consider changing your lacing styles. 

This post will recommend the most creative and stylish ways to tie your shoes. Let’s try and bring a new look to your shoes! 

How To Lace Your Shoes With Swag? 

There are tons of ideas to tie your footwear. We will recommend the most popular ones in this post. 

Straight lacing

Shoe lovers often call this style “fashion lacing” and “street lacing” because it looks cool and simple.

This flexible lacing style allows your feet to breathe, helping you walk with confidence. Here is how to tie your shoes this way.

  • Tie either side of the bottom eyelet with an equal length of lace.
  • The left lace runs up the inside to the second eyelet, then to the other side. 
  • The right lace runs straight up the inside to the third hole, then across the other side. 
  • Repeat the previous two steps, ignoring the left and right eyelets within the shoe, before going straight to the next one. 
  • Follow this pattern until it’s done, then tie a simple knot at the end.
This style looks simple and cool

Spider web lacing

This style looks more complicated yet detailed than the previous. Yet, it will make your shoes stand out. 

Follow the instructions carefully since this style creates an intricate web with strings traveling back and forth across your shoe.

  • Lace straight across the second-from-bottom eyelets and ensure both ends are the same length. 
  • Fasten both ends to the first bottom loop on the shoe’s exterior.
  • As you move towards the third eyelet, cross the lace diagonally across your shoe to form an “X” sign. 
  • Put each lace to its initial position, tucking it beneath the lace and eyelet below. 
  • Lift the laces and cross them diagonally into the next eyelet, the fourth one. 
  • Repeat the previous step until the final eyelets and then tie a knot. 

Bow tie lacing

If you want a tying style that looks minimalistic yet fashionable, Bow Tie will be a good idea. It helps hide the strings by running inside the shoe before crossing outside.

  • Straighten the lace and weave it through the holes on the outside. 
  • Slip the laces up the inside to the second hole, then diagonally through the third eyelets to make an “X” sign. 
  • Cross the left and right laces diagonally into the second hole and make an “X” sign on the top of your shoe. 
  • String the laces from the inside to the next eyelet and cross them diagonally on the outside. 
  • Repeat the process until you can reach the final eyelet. 
  • Tie a knot. 

Loop-back lacing

The concept is the total opposite of conventional crisscross styles. It looks best when you mix the laces and shoes in contrasting colors. 

  • Take the lace straight across the bottom eyelet, keeping the length of the right and left laces the same. 
  • String each lace across the shoe, twist it around, and then run it through the next eyelet.
  • The right and left laces should come back to the same side and loop in their middle.
  • Continue to loop the right and left laces in the middle of your shoe and through the next eyelet. 
  • Tie your favorite knot after the laces have made it to the top of the footwear.

Missing laces 

You can hide the laces by stringing them through the eyelets from the inside.

This unique style creates a super-loose fit ideal for chilling out with your buddies.

  • Thread the lace through the bottom holes in a straight line. Remember to leave an equal length of lace on both sides. 
  • Grab each lace and thread it straight into the next eyelet, going in and out but do not cross over the middle.
  • Tie a knot and tuck it below the tongue after you’ve gone to the top of your shoe.

Hacks For Lacing Shoes

The laces can make your shoes look swag and help support your feet. Here are some hacks you can try with different lacing styles. 

To prevent slippage

Tie your shoes to make a tie held at the top for a runner’s loop. It allows you to tie the footwear securely at the top without sacrificing the shoe’s fit.

  • Start at the next-to-last eyelet and make your way up.
  • Lace over and then down to the top eyelet on the same side to make a “bunny ear” sign. 
  • Repeat the above steps for the other side. 
  • Thread through the opposing “bunny ear” you made between the two eyelets. 
  • When you knot your footwear, you can get a nice snug fit around the ankle while leaving the top of your foot flexible.
Tying sneakers correctly can help prevent slippage

For narrow feet

String the laces through the eyelets furthest from the tongue to bring the two sides of the footwear closer.

If it’s not enough, apply the previous method when lacing through between the second and third holes. Here is a detailed guide:

  • To make a “bunny ear,” thread down to the next hole on the same side and repeat for the other side. 
  • Thread through the opposing “bunny ear” you made between the two eyelets. 
  • Continue looping diagonally until you can form a lace lock. 

For wide feet 

The window lacing technique can give your feet more room. The extra room is for expansion and offers an excellent fit for your feet and footwear.  

  • Start at the first eyelets from the bottom. 
  • Thread down to the second eyelet after crossing the strings over.
  • Lace up to the third eyelets on the same side instead of moving to the opposite side. 
  • Cross the laces to the fourth eyelets and then lace down.
  • Then, move up to the next eyelets on the same side.
  • Cross the laces to the sixth eyelets. 
  • Repeat the steps and tie a bow at the end.
Your wide feet are not a problem

For big toes and narrow heels 

Your forefoot is too small when your heel fits; your heel will slip around if your forefoot fits.

You can buy two sets of shorter laces. Use one to tie the bottom three holes and the other for the top three ones.

Then, you can adjust the breadth and tightness of each pair of laces. 

For heel blisters

The right lacing method should squeeze your heels in the back. Here is how to prevent heel blisters by tying your footwear:

  • Keep your footwear tied normally but unlace the final two eyelets. 
  • Skip the second-to-highest eyelet, then thread the laces through the top eyelet, moving toward the footwear’s exterior.
  • Make a knot on your shoelaces.

For toenail pressure  

This trick can prevent you from getting black toenails. Please follow these steps: 

  • String one end of the lace through the eyelet nearest your big toe on the bottom of the footwear.
  • Pull the lace diagonally to the outside and thread it through the topmost eyelet on the other side.
  • Continue to the opposite end of the ace. Thread it through the bottom eyelet on the opposite side, toward the interior.
You can avoid black toenails

How To Choose The Right Lacing Style? 

It may take some experimenting to figure out which lacing technique is perfect for you. Every foot is different, so you’d better know yours clearly. 

You can have a foot test and shoe fitting at the store. The assessment helps you determine whether you have narrow or broad feet, wide forefeet, or tiny heels and which tying method you should use.

Whatever style you choose, place your footwear tightly so they don’t become loose in the middle of your workout.

It would best to know your feet

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions will give you more ideas for lacing your footwear. Let’s check! 

1. How can I tie my running shoes?

The best method for tying your running sneakers differs depending on your foot’s shape. Measure your feet first and choose the footwear that offers a nice fit. 

2. How can I tie shoes to prevent heel slippage?

You can make a lace lock on your shoes using a runner’s loop for this purpose.  

3. How should I lace my boots for cooling?

You can tie your boots this way: 

  • Go from outside to inside all across the bottom eyelets. The lace will come out from behind the eyelets on both sides.
  • Slip the right string from the inside outward to the next eyelet. 
  • Then, from outside to inside, thread through the eyelet straight across to the left.

4. How do you bar laces? 

This lacing style makes your footwear look simple and stylish. This video will give you step-by-step instructions.

5. Are you supposed to tie Air Jordans?

Although they appear unlaced in the box, you can tie them with different styles. 

6. How do you do Nike laces? 

Pass the other lace through the loop and bring it back to the next eyelet on the same side once you’ve made a loop on one side. 

Then, pull them evenly after looping them together so the spot where they meet is in the center of the tongue.


Lacing is a great and simple way to establish a new vibe on your footwear. Consider the tips we have shared and choose your favorite.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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