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Welcome to What The Shoes!

Choose the right shoes, and you can go anywhere. On the contrary, wearing an ill-fitting pair of shoes makes it difficult for you to function in your day-to-day life and can seriously affect your health. 

Playing an important role, however, paradoxically, not many users today can confidently find the right shoes for their needs. 

The reason comes from the saturation of the fashion industry. The more shoe brands appear, the more unlimited the number of products to choose from. However, not all options currently on the market are of the quality that meets user expectations. 

That is also why this website was born, where you can find helpful information about the latest shoe models and the most suitable products.  

Our Mission 

Our staff works tirelessly to bring readers quality shoe-related articles. Explore this website, and you will find three main content that we aim to:

  • Share knowledge about shoes

A standard accessory, but are you sure you know the shoe well? With this website, you will come to a natural sharing world of shoes. 

We always try to bring the most valuable and understandable information about shoes, helping you better understand this familiar but also exciting fashion item. 

  • Review of shoes

With the significant development of e-commerce, buying clothes in general and shoes, in particular, is becoming a trend.

However, when purchasing online, especially fashion products, users cannot experience it directly, which quickly leads to mistakes in selection. 

Understanding these difficulties, we offer detailed reviews of the shoe experience. We appreciate the actual feeling when using the product. Also, put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes to give helpful evaluations.

  • Answer questions from readers

Our team is willing to listen to your shares and answer your questions. It’s our pleasure to help you choose the right, comfortable shoe that meets your needs. 

Contact Us

We are always willing to listen to the sharing and contributions of our readers. Therefore, if you want to share your story or give us suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team

We are proud to own a team of editors and collaborators. The staff has shoe expertise and is always happy to share that expertise with readers. 

  • Meaghan Murray, founder

She was a professional marathon runner. After retiring, she still keeps the habit of jogging by the river every morning. 

She used fewer than a hundred pairs of shoes during her career. And she is also more sensitive to shoes than anyone. Her experience and passion will give you helpful advice, especially in choosing running shoes. 

  • James Dylan, chief editor

James Dylan is a journalist who specializes in sports journalism. In addition to his passion for writing, he also loves running. 

Like Meaghan Murray, he knows which shoes are best for running and which are ideal for sports. He is happy to offer valuable advice on shoe-related matters. 

  • Erin Surette, collaborator

Erin is a mountaineer. She is also very interested in other extreme sports. And before participating in any extreme sports, Erin spends a lot of time preparing protective gear and supporting tools, including shoes. 

With many years of experience in shoe selection, Erin Surette is our primary writer, promising to bring the most honest and valuable reviews.