How Many Pairs of Shoes Does the Average Man Own? (EXPLAINED)

How many pairs of shoes does the average man own

Women are obsessed with shoes because these accessories make them look better. What about men? How many pairs of shoes does the average man own?

Men do need footwear to compliment their looks. Let’s check this article to figure out how big a man’s shoe collection should be!

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Does The Average Man Own? 

A man often has 7 to 20 pairs of shoes. This significant gap results from the lifestyle, job, location, fashion sense, and storage space differences. 

Almost every man has sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. Although they don’t have white-collar jobs, they have to prepare for formal occasions. 

This table will help you picture what kinds of footwear and how many are necessary for a man.

TypeThe average number of pairs for a man
Dress shoes2 to 3
Casual shoes2 to 3
Sneakers (for running)1
Sneakers (for training)1
Casual sneakers2
Outdoor shoes1 to 2

What Shoe Styles Do Men Need?

The number of footwear you have doesn’t matter as long as you find them useful. How to determine if they need you or not? What should you have in your closet? 

Regardless of what your style is, it would be best to have the items below: 

Dress shoes

These items are essential for any man’s collection since they help you look best. 

It works in every case, no matter if you’re going to work in a suit or want to shine out at a big event. 

A dress shoe is any style of footwear that you would wear on formal occasions. It comes in many different styles, such as Derbys, Monks, and Brogueing. 

Almost every man has a pair of leather black dress shoes in their closet. This idea is excellent because black looks good with any color, and leather displays your footwear’s charm.

The leather black models look best

Casual shoes

You can’t go wrong with a pair of casual shoes because they are suitable for many events, including vacations, daily business, hanging out with friends, etc.

The big plus of this item is that it looks less formal than the previous option, but it has a modern and classy vibe. 

There are tons of choices available for you. So feel free to get Chukkas, Moccasins, or Chelsea Boots and go out to shine. 

If you don’t want to have many items, choose gray or blue casual shoes because they can match many other colors. 

Moreover, avoid the items in black. They are good, but this color makes them too formal for a casual look.

Multipurpose models are very helpful


There are many kinds of sneakers. If possible, get yourself one pair for each because they serve different purposes. 

  • Running sneakers

A man needs at least one pair of running footwear. If you are serious about running, invest two or more to switch and last longer. 

Some people wear casual sneakers for running. However, it’s never a good idea to wear the wrong footwear for exercise. 

The right running shoe should feature a supportive, firm, and comfortable midsole. Investing in high-quality padding in the heel area is also necessary. 

The shoe needs a thin, sturdy outsole for continuous training and flexibility to support your foot effectively. 

  • Gym sneakers

This item shares the same idea with the running sneaker: have at least one to wear every time you go to the gym and two or more if you are passionate about the gym. 

Training sneakers are ideal for gymnastics, lifting weights, and running on a treadmill. They allow you to participate in more activities and will support your feet better than conventional sneakers. 

However, since not everyone likes the gym, consider how much time you spend there before buying training sneakers. 

You waste your money when investing in these items when you prefer running and you already have footwear for that purpose. 

  • Casual sneakers 

Unlike two other kinds of sneakers, these casual models suit more occasions. A man should have at least two to three pairs of them.

These items are perfect for outdoor activities, such as shipping, dining out, or walking. The diversity in their style makes them more popular. 

Besides, you have a lot of choices in terms of materials. Leather, mesh, suede, and nylon are the most common ones.

Men need all kinds of sneakers


Boots are essential items for men because of their fashionable style. It would be best for a man to have one or two pairs of them.

At first, people wore these items for rainy days. However, as they look very nice in many outfits, people like to wear them for casual and formal events.

Boots do not only work for the rain

Outdoor shoes

Your closet should have these items if you love outdoor activities like hiking or boating. Their stylish appearance and versatility may attract every man. 

These models can be resistant to dust, snow, and mud without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. It’s the material that brings out this kind of magic.   


It’s a pity to go on summer vacation without sandals. Hence, a man should prepare one to two pairs.

These models come in two styles: casual and sporty. If you don’t like beach activities, choose the casual designs and wear them on your holiday. 


Flip-flops are perfect for your summer trips. You can even walk around your house and backyards with these items. 

However, since they don’t serve many purposes, one pair of them is enough. Remember to choose the one with cushioning for the comfort of your feet.


A pair of slippers can keep your feet warm and comfortable. Hence, buy one and wear them to walk around.

You need something to wear at home

How Many Shoes Should A Man Have? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. You need to consider the following factors before jumping to a conclusion. 


Your lifestyle is the first thing to check. It determines how many shoes you should have and what kinds they are. 

Some pairs of formal footwear are necessary if you work in the office. Hence, you can cut down on the number of sneakers or flip-flops and your total number of shoes. 


Ask yourself: What do you like to wear? Your fashion taste has a big impact on your shoe collection. 

A fashionista likes to mix their outfit with the right footwear. Hence, they surely need more shoes. 

If you are a minimalist, you may need a few items for certain purposes. For example, you only buy one pair of sneakers for hangouts and workouts. 


The number of your footwear might also depend on your location. You can wear more boots or winter footwear if you live in a colder country. If it’s hot outside often, wear more flats or sandals instead. 


Because of the high demand for accommodation in cities, many people like to live in small apartments. This tendency means people have a smaller space to set and arrange their stuff. 

If you live in an apartment, you can’t have too many shoes. The limited space only allows 30 to 40 pairs, depending on how you organize it. 

If you share your apartment with a roommate, you have to share half of the storage space. It’s a tricky job to stuff all your footwear there.

Determine the size of your shoe collection based on various factors

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information reveals some surrounding issues about our shoe collection, and you will find all of them interesting. 

1. How many pairs of shoes does the average American own?

According to a survey, the average American male has 12 pairs, and the average American woman has 27 pairs. The national figure would be around 19 pairs for one person. 

2. How to tell if I have too many shoes?

The only way is to count how many of them you often have on your feet. If you can’t recall the last time you wore any, they’re probably taking up much space in your closet. 

3. What age group buys the most shoes?

The 25 to 34-year-olds have the most extensive collection of all age groups; each has nine pairs of footwear. With eight and seven pairs of footwear, the 35-44 and 16-24 age groups rank second and third, respectively. 

4. How can I cut down on your shoe collection? 

You can free some space in your closet by matching your footwear number to how often you wear them. Remove the ones that you do not usually wear from your wardrobe by selling, giving, or donating them.  

Also, make an informed and careful decision whenever you want to buy footwear. Invest more time to find the right one instead of getting all the models you love at the first sight. 


On average, a man has 7 to 20 pairs of shoes. This number varies depending on different factors. However, don’t mind if you wear all of them often and have enough space to store them.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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