How to Make an Ice Box for Shoes? (STEP-BY-STEP Instructions 2024)

How to Make an Ice Box for Shoes

Are you looking for the best way to restore your old shoes? There is nothing better than an ice box. 

It will help you bring back the quality of your footwear as much as possible. However, many people are still unfamiliar with the technique. 

What is a shoe ice box? How to make an ice box for shoes? If you are curious, it’s best to click on this article to learn more. 

Let’s get started!

What Is An Ice Box For Shoes?

Many people are relatively unfamiliar with the concept of shoe ice boxes. 

Before diving into instructions to make an ice box for your sneakers, it’s better to have a peek at an overview of this technique. 

In general, it is a solution to restore your footwear quality, especially the sole, as much as possible.

You can make your DIY shoe icebox easily and in an affordable manner with UV light and a fan.

The term “ice box” arises from the belief that people often used to put their shoes inside these boxes back in the past.

Rather than flip-flops or sandals, nearly everyone now wears closed shoes, sneakers, or boots.

These shoe ice boxes can keep your open footwear fresh and clean for weeks if you use them.

A shoe ice box

Why Do You Need An Ice Box For Shoes? 

Many people wonder why ice boxes for shoes are essential as they may have heard about this technique for the first time. 

Some people assume it’s unnecessary to use this box for their sneakers. However, your footwear can benefit much from this reconditioning method. 

There are many good reasons why many people opt for a shoe ice box rather than other repairing ways. 

When the temperature is hot, an ice box comes in handy for keeping items. Without a doubt, summer and tropical regions are ideal for open-toed shoes.

Nevertheless, if you live in places with frigid weather, it’s pointless to maintain your summer sneaker’s shape during the wintertime.

You can preserve your open sneakers in nearly new quality for months if you store them in a shoe ice box.

Besides, this restoring method is affordable and easy to do at home, so that it will save you money. 

You already have enough to create one if you get a fan and a few other items.

The importance of an ice box for shoes

How To Make An Ice Box For Shoes?

If you plan to make your shoe ice box, let’s scroll down to check the step-by-step instructions carefully. 


Before starting this DIY project, make sure you prepare all the following things in advance:

1. Carton 

  • It should be the type utilized for carrying items.
  • You can easily find cartons at almost any store that sells items in boxes.
  • You should select the appropriate size depending on the size of your sneakers.

2. UV light

  • You can find these items in any place. 
  • They are reasonably priced.

3. A fan 

  • If possible, you should choose a bigger fan instead of a smaller one.
  • Using a smaller fan may take longer for the footwear and the inside space to cool down.

4. A box 

  • It can be a metal or wooden box to store everything inside.
  • The advice is that you should get a box that does not conduct electric current surrounding it. UV light can spark a fire

5. A knife

  • If a knife is not available in your house, you can replace it with scissors.

6. Aluminum foil

  • This item is optional, but if you need a gleaming surface on your icebox, you should have it.

7. Tape

  • If you can’t get a metal or wooden box, a tape piece can be helpful to attach the fan and the UV light.
  • Make sure your tape is long enough to join the two things.

8. Work glove 

  • Will you use your bare hands to handle cardboard? It’s better to wear work gloves since cardboard might bruise or cut your fingertips.

9. Your shoes

Carton boxes

Step-By-Step Instructions

After you’ve all the needed things in your hand, it’s time to start your project. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Cut your carton box to fit your sneakers.

Depending on the type of footwear you have, it might vary.

Cut the carton box

Step 2:

Make holes in the carton for the fan and UV light.

Affix the two things to the carton with a piece of tape.

Step 3:

Place the UV light and the fan above the aluminum foil.

If you don’t use aluminum foil, the high temperature from sources, including the fan and the UV light, might cause the cardboard to catch fire.

Select a more significant aluminum foil piece, roughly 3 to 5 inches larger than your footwear, to allow for more substantial uncertainty.

Aluminum foil

Step 4: 

Place your sneaker in the carton container.

Step 5:

Close the container but leave a gap for the fan and UV light to pass through.

Step 6: 

Tape the area where you’ll be putting your footwear so it won’t slide out while moving it around.


Step 7:

Keep this carton in a place with little light so it won’t be disturbed. It is optional!

However, don’t leave it out in the direct sunlight if you want the process to be speedier. It will speed up the melting of the ice box!

Step 8: 

Switch on the UV light and the fan for approximately 30 minutes.

After that, switch off both the light and fan for about 30 minutes. Otherwise, leave them until no more light is coming through the gaps. That’s all done!

How Do You Re-Ice Your Shoe Soles? 

Your shoes’ clear ice coating on the sole may discolor with time. Luckily, you can re-ice the bottom of your footwear. 

Below are some tips to consider:

Use The Re-Icing Agent

Make sure the cleaning product you’re going to use is suitable for the bottoms of your sneakers.

To clean the sole, use a moist, soapy towel. Ensure the towel gets into all of the sole’s crevices and cracks.

You may clean your footwear sole using a specialist shoe cleaning agent and a stiff brush if it’s very dirty.

After that, wash away any leftover filth with a clean cloth and a dish brush.

Certain parts on your sneaker bottom likely don’t require re-icing, like rubber tread pads.

Make paper cutouts for these areas by covering the bottom of the shoes with a piece of paper.

After that, re-ice the sneaker sole using the re-icing agent. Apply the re-icing chemical with a paintbrush to these places.

Ensure the substance is evenly dispersed in a medium-thick layer throughout the bottom region you want to re-ice.

Paste the paper cutouts prepared after applying the re-icing chemical to the footwear. They will assist keep your shoe sole cool.

Clean your sneakers

Allow The Soles To Be Exposed To Sunlight

Wrap the whole shoe with plastic wrap so that the re-icing agent will not evaporate if exposed to sunshine.

Stuff excess cling wraps into the holes where the foot goes into the shoe.

Place your sneaker sole-up in the sunlight. Otherwise, you can expose the shoes to UVB light.

Check the temperature of the sole. Temperatures below 120℉ are acceptable.

If you are unsure about the temperature, you can use an infrared temperature gauge to check it. 

Take out the cling film and discard it, then the paper cutouts. Dip a toothbrush in warm water, then rub it over the shoe’s sole.

Ensure the toothbrush gets into all of the tread’s small cracks, and the top and mid-sole don’t become wet.

Avoid Yellowing On Your Shoes

The paper used to wrap sneakers is somewhat acidic, so get it out of the shoebox. Instead, use silica packets to put in your footwear or shoe box. 

However, don’t store over four tiny containers or one large package of silica.

Re-ice shoe soles


How Long Can You Keep Your Shoes In The Ice Box For?

The short answer is from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. 

How Do You Ice Your Shoes?

Always begin with a clean, fresh, and odor-free pair of shoes. To make cleanup easy, place a waste bag in the box.

Cover the sole with a newspaper. Put the lid securely after putting your footwear inside. Cover the box with a newspaper-ice mixture and seal it securely.

Method to ice the footwear

How Long Does It Take To Clean And Deodorize Your Shoes?

Shoes typically need at least one week to achieve their best level of preservation. If you are looking for ways to deodorize your sneakers, you can watch this video.

Is It Possible To Use Sole Bright In The Absence Of Direct Sunlight?

Soles bright may help eliminate scratches and dings from shoe soles.If you can’t leave the bottom of your sneakers under direct sunlight, it’s best to use both sole bright and UV light at the same time.

You can use sole bright for icing the sole

Wrapping Up

This article has eventually shown you how to make an ice box for shoes. Hopefully, these step-by-step guides will be helpful for you.

Besides, we also recommend ways to re-ice your shoe box if the bottom of your sneakers turns yellow. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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